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Choosing the best daycare for your child can be an anxiety filled process. At YOUNG WONDERS, we hope to make your decision an easy one. We have carefully designed a center that caters to all of your child's needs. Foremost is his or her safety. With a dedicated staff and inspiring environment, we can then focus on nurturing children’s learning and imagination.


What children experience in their first few years will influence the rest of their lives. But an infant's needs are very different from a toddler's, and a pre-schooler presents a whole new set of challenges. By offering developmentally appropriate programs to interest, involve, excite and guide your children as they go from stage to stage, we help give them the blocks to build a healthy foundation for life.


We recognize that every child is unique. And we are dedicated to providing an environment that encourages growth according to each child's personality, temperment, learning style, and family background. Our staff includes trained and certified caregivers and teachers who share our philosophy. And we've done something different to make sure no thing interferes with their ability to give your child the attention he or she needs. We have a separate office staff that handles the day to day administrative issues which can overwhelm a caregiver and shift their focus away from the children. Your child will receive the total attention of the experienced professionals that make up our YOUNG WONDERS family. Every aspect of the YOUNG WONDERS center was designed with the safety and security of your child in mind. For example, our layout is open so the staff and the children are always visible. Each classroom has its own bathroom facility so that there is minimal disruption for the caregiver and the child. There is a sky lit, indoor central play area for bad weather days, and an outside playground located in the front so the children and there caregivers never have to go outside of the protected and always visible boundaries of the center itself.

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