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YOUNG WONDERS embraces two equally important concepts as its guiding principles: to provide the highest quality care to infants, toddlers and young children, and to encourage and support the cognitive development of all youngsters at the center.

Through nurturing and careful planning, your child will be exposed to exciting physical and educational activities in a natural setting and will benefit from in-class experiences with art, music, literature, print and other manipulative activities.

We know from research in early child development that there are certain optimal periods from birth through age five for language acquisition, musical disposition and mathematical awareness. We view these areas and other learning domains as opportunities to work with children at these crucial ages in an open, dynamic format. At the same time we are mindful that all learning, especially early learning, takes place within the context of warm, responsive and caring relationships.


Our caregiver/teaching staff promotes interactive learning that stimulates a child's imagination rather than directive techniques which can discourage a youngster's creative growth. The focus is on dialogue and engagement rather than custodial care. Whenever possible, we support the continuity of care by having caregivers remain with a group of young children as they grow from infants to toddlers, and toddlers to preschoolers. We know that the primacy of this relationship will enhance each child's development and deepen the rapport between parents and staff. Our staff is committed to learning from parents the routines they have established with their children to ensure a smooth transition from home to center.


YOUNG WONDERS adheres to a set of standards that raises the bar in the field of child care and development. We consulted many child care experts to get their advice before designing our programs. They were our guiding lights. We are especially fortunate that one, Wendy Pollock, has played an important role at YOUNG WONDERS. Her years of experience in the field of education have been an enormous asset to YOUNG WONDERS and its professional staff. Dr. Pollock has an undergraduate degree in early childhood education and child development, a Master’s degree in psychology of education and a second Master’s in educational leadership and holds a Doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching. Dr. Pollock also served on the faculty of Bank Street College as an instructor and advisor in the Early Childhood Leadership program, she previously served as Director of Early Childhood in the public school system.  She has served on numerous advisory Boards, conducted workshops throughout the United States and was one of the initial consultants for the Universal Prekindergarten program in New York State.

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